The BioWaMet project demonstrated the feasibility of the Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) as an innovative technology to achieve sustainable wastewater treatment (WWT), with specific focus on maximising the production of bioenergy. This new approach transforms wastewater into renewable energy and simultaneously produces a water resource of high quality that can be safely reused, recovering valuable nutrients during the process.


Overall concept of BioWaMet


Two demo-scale AnMBR wastewater treatment plants were successfully built and operated in Spain by Aqualia. The first AnMBR demonstration was operated in an office building (Nigrán) treating black water.  The second demonstration site enabled the retrofit of an old system based on septic tanks in Bitem (Tortosa) into an advanced AnMBR, the first large scale application worldwide of this technology for the treatment and reuse of urban wastewater.


Schematic overview of the AnMBR installed in Bitem WWTP.

LIT-0 = Equalization Tank. LIT-1 = Anaerobic Reactor. LIT-A = Membrane Tank.